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Skin Conditions

Normal Skin

Normal skin is generally clear, smooth, unblemished and of uniform tone and texture. CosMedix helps maintain normal skin’s healthy radiance with a combination of stimulating, nourishing and protective ingredients.

A reflection of a strong immune system and good overall health, normal skin is characterized by a smooth, soft feel and an unblemished, even-toned look. Pores are small and unblocked, and oil and moisture are well-balanced, giving the skin a dewy, moist—but not greasy—appearance. Naturally radiant, normal skin’s greatest threat comes from external stressors such as UV exposure, environmental pollutants and poor lifestyle choices. CosMedix helps normal skin by combating damaging external stressors and nourishing its natural radiance from both outside and within.

Dry Skin

Dry skin often produces a dull, ashy appearance with a rough texture prone to peeling or flaking. CosMedix helps this condition by re-hydrating and renewing the skin without harsh, cell-stripping chemicals.

Dry, dehydrated skin is often caused by nutritional deficiencies and/or stress that result in poor skin health and excessive epidermal water loss. Additionally, harsh chemical ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate, alcohol and detergents can strip the skin’s lipid barrier–a moisture-retaining outer layer surrounding skin cells—causing further dehydration and exacerbating this condition. CosMedix helps dry, dehydrated skin with active, moisture-promoting elements and natural ingredients to stimulate cell turnover without further disrupting the delicate lipid barrier.

Oily Skin

Oily skin occurs when the skin produces more natural oil than normal, creating a greasy appearance with often clogged, stretched-out pores. CosMedix products help this condition through detox, deep cleansing and oil management.

The result of overactive sebaceous glands (oil-producing glands that naturally condition the skin), oily skin is often triggered by excessive dryness, dietary and/or mental stress. Characterized by a shiny, oily finish and frequently congested pores, this condition is often worsened by the use of harsh, lipid-stripping cleansers and creams containing alcohol, sodium lauryl sulfate and benzoyl peroxide, which can dehydrate the skin and prompt compensatory oil production. CosMedix helps oily skin by eliminating toxins and targeting the multiple sources of inflammation and excess oil production.


Acne occurs when dead skin cells clog the skin’s sebaceous glands, often contributing to increased breakouts, redness and oiliness. CosMedix addresses this problem through detoxification and by targeting inflammation and oil production.

Usually the result of hormonal activity, stress and/or poor dietary habits, acne occurs when dead skin cells aren’t properly shed and clog the skin’s sebaceous glands (natural oil-producing glands). Characterized by excessive blemishing, redness and/or oiliness, acne often first appears during adolescence, yet can continue and reappear later in life. In addition to traditional treatments and antibiotics—which can be toxic to the system—harsh chemical ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate and benzoyl peroxide can worsen this condition and spark rebound breakouts. CosMedix addresses this concern with soothing, natural ingredients designed to eliminate toxins and target inflammation and excess oil production.


Hyperpigmented conditions occur when the skin produces more melanin than normal, sparking discoloration. CosMedix products target hyperpigmentation through gentle renewal and the inhibition of melanin-catalyzing enzymes.

Usually sparked by sun damage, inflammation or skin injury, hyperpigmentation and melasma occur when the skin produces more melanin, or natural pigment, than normal, resulting in the formation of dark, irregular patches. CosMedix products addresse hyperpigmented conditions through a combination of gentle exfoliation, inhibition of the tyrosinase enzyme (a melanin catalyst) and remodeling of the damaged dermis. Because harsh ingredients, like hydroquinone, and environmentally borne free radicals can inhibit successful treatment, CosMedix products use natural, non-irritating ingredients to achieve its results and incorporates radical-reducing antioxidants into many of its formulations.


Photodamage occurs from UV overexposure, sparking scar tissue buildup and increased thinning of the skin. CosMedix products help photodamage with ingredients that remodel the skin and target UV-induced free radicals.

Also called sun damage or photoaging, photodamage occurs when the skin is overwhelmed by harmful UV rays, usually at peak hours of the day (11 AM – 3 PM), resulting in excess scar tissue and the loss of skin thickness. The primary cause of extrinsic aging—externally fostered skin degeneration—UV overexposure can lead to increased visible wrinkles, discolorations and a rough, leathery texture, making the skin appear years older than it actually is. CosMedix helps photodamage by rebuilding the skin through direct collagen and elastin stimulation, targeting UV-induced free radicals with powerful antioxidants and preventing further damage with broad spectrum, natural sun care.


Hypersensitive skin reacts adversely to even minor irritants, often producing redness, hives and/or breakouts. CosMedix products help sensitive skin conditions with soothing, natural ingredients that target inflammation without irritating chemicals.

Usually caused by dietary and mental stress, hyperactive skin reacts adversely to even minor irritants and can manifest itself as redness, inflammation, hives and/or breakouts. Successful treatment combines gentle stimulants with antioxidants and natural, anti-inflammatory agents. Because skin sensitivities can arise from both external and internal sources, skin care-complementing nutritional supplements are also recommended. CosMedix helps sensitive skin conditions with non-irritating, chirally correct ingredients that target inflammation and calm irritated skin from both outside and in.


Rosacea is characterized by excessive facial redness, flushing and nodulation and may be extra sensitive to topical irritants. CosMedix products help this condition with natural, non-irritating ingredients that calm the skin and target inflammation.

While as much as 90% of rosacea flares are associated with stress-induced inflammation, other factors such as environmental and dietary stressors and topical irritants can further advance this condition. In addition to sensitive skin prone to irritation and reddening, rosacea sufferers often have reduced melanin to block harmful UV rays, making proper sun care essential. CosMedix addresses these concerns with nonirritating, chirally correct products that target both the internal and external sources of inflammation and shield vulnerable skin from damaging UV light.